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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Being a place where you have a great time and wonderful memories this unique facility offers service to you while we do not neglect protection of the nature. Our sole purpose is to accomplish the environmental policy adopted by us for protecting the environment, respecting other creatures just as much as we respect ourselves and defending their right to life within framework of current laws and applications and most importantly with support of you, our guests.
This purpose is also instrument enabling us to progress every day and reflecting our quality. Above-mentioned matters for protection and improvement of right to live of other creatures other than us shall be constantly updated according to today's necessities and requirements but we will never deviate from the target.

In order to make contribution to protection of the environment, we
• Execute our activity with awareness of responsibilities towards environment and society, belief of constant development and opinion of sustainable environment and we will ensure its continuity
• Will minimize pollution and damage caused by us by taking factors, resulting in environmental pollution, under control.
• Will fulfill the legal obligations and comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations.
• Will minimize adverse environmental effects caused by us using state-of-art technology during our activities.
• Will ensure that sharing of our works, performed for protecting the environmental awareness and the environment, with our guests, employees, suppliers and the society is adopted as a life philosophy.
• Will organize trainings required for raising the environmental consciousness and enable our employees to have knowledge about the environment, raise their environmental awareness and have their related motivations.
• Will make studies on reducing pollutant waste at its source, reutilize or recover it for the purpose of prevention of environmental pollution.
• Will use energy and natural resources at optimum level and execute preventive actions for unnecessary use of source
• Will determine environmental risks to possibly emerge after each department activity and take precautions for reducing wastes.
• Will find solutions for sorting of wastes in the facility and rooms
• Will ensure disposal of hazardous wastes emerging at our facility within the scope of environmental legislation and ensure continuous execution of this procedure at our body.
• Will monitor water and electric consumption for the purpose of making natural resources sustainable and take protective measures in order to prevent overconsumption
• Will continue to offer trainings to related staff with requirement of sufficient usage of chemicals in order to prevent overconsumption of chemicals.
• Will prioritize biological fighting methods in garden care and continue to use drip irrigation method with purpose of water saving
• Will perform regular exercises with Emergency Response Teams in order to prevent possible emergencies and environmental disasters
• Will continue our activities with the framework of our obligation of fulfilling exactly requirements of our "Blue Flag" and “Green Key” award, which is symbol of clean sea and a healthy and reliable beach.
• Will continue to help protection of wildlife by conserving the caretta caretta coming to our beach and plant species in our garden
• Will adopt continuity of numerous environmental awareness activities, which we have actualized so far, as a management policy rather than a task.
• Will make constantly improvements in Environmental Management System.
• Will continue struggle of effective usage of natural resources and prevention of pollution.
• Will make contribution to sustainable tourism.
• Will offer reminder information periodically to raise environmental awareness of staff and guests
• Will continue to make announcements to staff with the help of boards of environmental awareness.
We hope you to own this environmental awareness exhibited by us, to support us and glamorize our world with us.

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